Some women feel at some point that her sexual health is not the same, “looseness» and vaginal laxity are affecting your sensations during intercourse and your sexual life. Just like your skin, vaginal tissue has an inner support network made of collagen fibres. over time and after vaginal delivery, these tissues can become stretched, stressed and weakened particularly within the vaginal opening. Get back in a natural way your pre-birth sexual sensations and boost your sexual experience with the tightening effect obtained by the radiofrequency ThermiVa and laser treatments Monalisa Touch®.


Dr Guzman will study your needs and desires, if the treatment is indicated, a session will be organized. The medical procedure implies the insertion of a smooth treatment tip, the size of your thumb, just inside the vaginal opening. During the 30 minutes treatment, the tip treats the vaginal walls and opening alternately cooling the surface tissue and gently heating the tissue beneath to . This dual heating and cooling capability stimulates the body’s own natural regenerative process leading to new and stronger collagen.


from the first treatment, the regenerative process is initiated, but the building effect and regenerative process will gradually take effect over time, generally between 30-90 days. A sustained tightening effect is seen over 12 months.


Three outpatient treatments are required , without anaesthesia, some patients experiences a cooling sensation or a warmth but certainly a pain free procedure.


little swelling, not intercourse the following 10 days. It is highly recommended to organise the sessions just after the period.


pregnancy, not before one year after vaginal delivery, abnormal cervical spread, rashes, or vaginal infections.


If you want more information, please feel free to contact us to come to see Dr Guzman in consultation to asses you, inform you and give you her professional advice.

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