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BRUXISM in Paris

BRUXISM in Paris

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Some people have the custom of grit their teeth involuntarily and often as a response to a stressful situation, this is known as static or central bruxism, wherein the clenching of the teeth is without movement aside with powerful muscle contraction.


This type of condition is often accompanied by muscle pain in the muscles of mastication, in the region of the neck and shoulders. More severe cases can present bilateral headache, nausea, pain in the middle ear and tinnitus.


aesthetic medicine in Paris


Botox™ techniques are a true revolution as the overacting mastication muscles will be under control, reducing their muscular strength and pain associated will be relieve. Please note that Botox™ treatment is an extra treatment, because several factors are associated with bruxism as such.


a thorough examination of your desires and needs will be study by Dr Guzman, then using tiny injections, and without any pain, the desired muscles will be targeted with the toxin. A second session will be proposed to refine the result.


the first year of treatment a minimum of 2 sessions are required to settle the treatment to an annual frequency of 1 session per year.


The treatment to correct static bruxism and to have a pain relief by muscle relaxation injection of Botox™ is made in the pleasant setting of the Medical Office of Dr. Guzman.


The treatment will take in between 15-30 minutes. 2 sessions will be proposed as part of the treatment to verify the targeted muscles.


zero, a little injection marks will be visible for 10 minutes after the session.


Ecchymosis at the injection point is rare. Transitory headaches as a heaviness sensation are present in 10% of patients.


Pregnancy or breast feeding, diseases affecting the immune system, skin infection as cold sores, hyper sensibility to the botulinum toxin ( extremely rare), association with other local treatments as laser resurfacing, chemical peel.


If you want more information, please feel free to contact us to come to see Dr Guzman in consultation to asses you, inform you and give you her professional advice.


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