Plastic surgery in Paris



Doctor Adriana Guzman, Plastic Surgeon

In principle, it is important to understand that the cost of a procedure, whether in aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery, varies for each patient, as each individual is unique, meaning that the situation differs from one person to another.


There is no standard price agreed upon by specialists for procedures. Each plastic surgeon can determine a cost based on their training, experience, type of instruments, materials or implants used, medical equipment accompanying them in each operation, the hospital or clinic where the procedure is performed, and the quality of pre and postoperative care, among other aspects.


Doctor Adriana Guzman has a solid education, which you can consult in her biography.


Medicine is constantly evolving, and therefore, as a good professional, Dr. Guzman continues to educate herself and participate in courses and conferences as both an attendee and a speaker.


Additionally, she is a member of prestigious national and international scientific societies.


Her professional practice in Colombia, her home country, in the United Kingdom, and in France has provided her with ample experience, participating in over 6000 medical procedures over more than 20 years in Europe and 10 years of private practice in Paris.

To know the fees of a surgical or aesthetic medicine procedure, Dr. Adriana Guzman advises you to attend her consultation.


During this 30 to 45-minute appointment, as a specialist in plastic surgery, she will answer all your questions and conduct a personalized study of your case, including a morphological analysis, the study of your medical history, your desires, and the technical possibilities that will help assess your specific case.


Additionally, she will consider the need for pain control and comfort provided by procedures with local anaesthesia, or with general anaesthesia or sedation.


On many occasions, it will be necessary to have the service of a hospitalization center or clinic to ensure the safety and quality conditions that a surgical procedure represents.


Dr. Guzman, like any professional, wants your medical experience to be pleasant, safe, and the information you receive to be complete and accessible, which is why she conducts her consultations in Spanish, English, and French.


For informational purposes, some procedure rates can be consulted here.

Plastic surgery

Facial surgery

from 8000 euros

4 000 to 6 000 €

3 700 to 4 500€

from 2000 euros

Upper eyelids from 3000 euros


Lower eyelids from 4000 euros


Upper and lower eyelids from 5000 euros

from 3 000 €


Repair of Ear lobe torn from 700 euros


4 700 to 5 500 €

4 000 to 6 000 €

4700 to 5 500 €

3 700 to 6 500 €

1 500 to 2 500 €

from 3 800 €


from 4500 euros

from 5000 euros

2000 to 8000 euros

4 000 to 6 500 €

from 6 000 €

Aesthetic medicine


Skin boosters- skin rehydration from 350 euros per session


Frown lines from 400 euros


Forehead lines from 400 euros

Crow’s feet lines from 300 euros

Medical rhinoplasty or nasal reshaping from 700 euros

Nasolabial folds: from 500 euros

Cheeks augmentation from 700 euros

Face Contouring from €1,000 to €1,500

Lips augmentation and definition : from 500€

Dark circles or hollow eyes : from €600

Marionette lines from 700 euros

Chin augmentation : from 700 euros

Frown lines from 400 euros


Forehead lines from 450 euros


Crow’s feet lines from 300 euros


Forehead wrinkles from 450 euros


Eyebrow lift from 400 euros


Full upper face Botox (frown, forehead and crow’s feet lines) from 500 euros


Gummy smile from 270 euros


Lip flip from 270 euros


Nose tip lift or nasal projection from 270 euros


Wrinkly chin from 300 euros


Bruxism treatment from 700 euros


Square face reduction or Slimming face from 700 euros


Neck lines reduction (plastymal lines) from 700 euros


Arm pits hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating treatment 700 euros

Sculptra 650 per session


Lanluma 850 euros per session


HarmonyCA from 500 euros


Ellanse from 500 euros

Eyebrow lift from 800 euros


Oval or lower cheeks softening 1500 euros


Full face (cheeks and oval) non-surgical lifting 2000 euros

Dark spots treatment from 200 to 300 euros per session


Facial rejuvenation 400 euros per session


Neck rejuvenation 300 euros per session


Decollete or chest rejuvenation 500 euros per session

From 250 euros per session

From 300 euros per session

Double chin from 650€

From 150€ per session


From 650 euro

Abdomen 2 areas 1300 euros

Fat back pads from 1300 euros

Back cushions from 1300 euros

Abdomen (1 area) 350 per session

Buttocks and abdomen (2 areas) 500 per session

Arms 300 euros per session


Abdomen 300 euros per session


Buttocks 350 euros per session


Thighs anterior or posterior face 300 euros per session (1 area)


Anterior and posterior thighs 370 euros per session (2 areas)


Arms and buttocks (2 areas) 370 euros per session


Whole thighs + Arms (3 areas) 450 euros per session

Flaccid belly 500 euros per session

Saddlebags 400 euros per session

Flaccid Buttocks 650 euros per session

1 session 450 euros, full protocol of 4 sessions 1300 euros

1 session 650 euros, full protocol of 3 sessions 1800 euros


Vaginal and labia majora 1 session 850 euros, full protocol of 3 sessions 2400 euros