Lion’s lines, crow’s feet lines, forehead lines, ajouter eyebrow raising , bruxism reduction, under arm pits sweating reduction …. The list of Botox™ indications continues to grow and Botox ™ is currently one of the best techniques in aesthetic medicine, a great revolution. Knowing how to dose the molecule is a real asset that can soften the lines of the face without changing your personality while keeping your expressions. So, we’re talking about natural Botox™.

Is the anti-aging treatment by Botox™ safe?

The anti-wrinkle treatment is made of a medicinal molecule called botulinum toxin. The therapeutic use or aesthetic medicine use has been approved for more than 20 years, with no known adverse effect.  Like any medical procedure in aesthetic medicine, undesirable and rare effects can occur. The most common are small bruises, glabellar heaviness that are completely transitory, slight asymmetry of facial expressions are easily corrected and in very rare cases, in the order of 1%, lowering of the eyebrow or the upper eyelid can occur and that fade naturally after 3 months.

To reduce the risk, it is imperative to be treated by well-trained doctors and especially connoisseurs of the facial muscles and their dynamics.


The different facial expressions are produced by the contraction movement of your muscles; So, you pucker, you raise your eyebrows, you squint your eyes, you pull the corners of your mouth down.

In some these muscles are very active, with powerful expressions, in others with the passage of time these small muscles become too strong and begin to contract continuously, marking the skin , lines and wrinkles appears. Also, to relieve heavy eyelids that thickens and close the eye, the muscle contraction helps to have more precision when looking.

The muscular action of contraction marks the skin giving as a result expression lines and wrinkles, over time these expression lines can eventually become permanent wrinkles.

Our brain sends messages to the muscles so that they contract through nerves. Botox™ anti-wrinkle treatment interrupts this message in a transient way. Thus, muscle fibres targeted will not mark the skin, softening the expression of the face. Other muscular fibres will work to raise the eyebrow or will fade to raise the corner of the mouth or raise the tip of the nose.

Will I be able to move my face after my Botox™ treatment?

Certainly yes, an anti-wrinkle treatment by Botox™ does not mean having a frozen and inexpressive face, hence the expression to have a natural Botox™. My know-how for many years and the experience gained after the multiple tailor-made treatments on the people who have trusted me, I have the certainty of getting results that will please you, will increase your self-confidence and will bring you the happiness of feeling a relaxed, softened face that will convey your true state of mind.

How is the Botox ™ injection performed at Dr. Guzman’s?

After discussing with you your desires and needs, I will examine and advise you where Botox™ will produce the most interesting results:  crow’s feet lines, Lion’s lines, forehead wrinkles, raising eyebrows and opening the eyes, raising the tip of the nose, reducing a gingival smile, softening a face too square, softening a marked neck, raising the corners of the mouth to have a happier aspect or eliminating sweating under the armpits among others.

With your consent, photos will be taken to evaluate the result. For a person who has never done a treatment with botulinum toxin, the treatment is done in two sessions, in this way we can target the muscles smoothly and get a completely personalized result.

In the first session the treatment of sufficient and effective quantities will be applied on the affected muscles. Wait between 3 to 5 days after the initial treatment to begin to see how the muscles treated will be less powerful and your expressions will be softer by making you more attractive.

The effect will be complete between 10 to 15 days after the first Botox™ treatment session. Two weeks will be the perfect time to do the follow-up session and possibly make a top-up if necessary.

The first year of treatment with botulinum toxin, it is advisable to do 3 sessions every 4 months, in this way targeted muscles are relaxed and mark the skin less. From the second year of treatment the frequency remains at two sessions per year, and this is the usual number of maintenance session that is recommended for Botox™ treatment.

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