Are the lines that begin to show at the external part of your eyes as one of the first sings of the aging process.

Botox™ is my first option of treatment as the overacting muscles will be under control, smoothing the lines. In some patients and for very fine lines a fruit acid peeling or specific non-permanent fillers will be suggested to obtain optimal results.


A thorough examination of your desires and needs will be study by Dr Guzman, then using tiny injections, and without any pain, the muscles will be targeted with the toxin. A second session will be proposed to refine the result.


  • Before-Redensification de la peau de la patte d’oie
    After-Redensification de la peau de la patte d’oie
    AvantRedensification de la peau de la patte d’oieAprès
  • Before-Avant/apres Botox rides patte d’oie
    After-Avant/apres Botox rides patte d’oie
    AvantAvant/apres Botox rides patte d’oieAprès
  • Before-Rides de la patte d’oie en mouvement
    After-Rides de la patte d’oie en mouvement
    AvantRides de la patte d’oie en mouvement Après


the first year of treatment a minimum of 3 sessions are required to settle the treatment to an annual frequency of 2 sessions per year.

If specific non-permanent fillers as Hyaluronic acid are used, the frequency will be reduced at a minimum of once a year.


At Dr Guzman practice, pain control methods will be used if needed to give you comfort, in between 15-30 minutes, 2 sessions will be proposed as part of the treatment in order to give the best possible results.


zero, a little injection marks will be visible for 10 minutes after the session.


Ecchymosis and a little swelling at the injection point are rare.


Pregnancy or breast feeding, diseases affecting the immune system, skin infection as cold sores, hyper sensibility to the botulinum toxin ( extremely rare) or to the hyaluronic acid ( also extremely rare) , association with other local treatments as laser resurfacing, chemical peel…


For more information about botulinum toxin, clik here

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