Dr. Guzman’s Office offers you the exclusive combination of cryolipolysis by Zeltic™ and ultrasound by Ultracontour ™ as an advanced and non-surgical treatment to reduce localized, unwanted and resistant fatty deposits.

The association of cryolipolysis (destruction of fat cells by cold) and ultrasound allow to get rid-off of unwanted and localized fat deposits without surgery to obtain a better contour, reshape and firm your body.

How does the cryolipolysis work?

The non-invasive procedure is based on the destruction of the fat cells by a controlled exposure to cold and then in addition to the ultrasound sessions to reshape and firm your body of areas where diet and exercise have not been able to do.

The technique combines vacuum aspiration of the fat deposit with a specific “handpiece”; called “Cryode” and its cooling is close to a temperature of 0 °.

This results in a crystallization of the lipids contained in the adipocytes which marks a point of no return in the evolution of these cells and all that without damaging the adjacent tissues. The adipocytes are therefore destroyed by a process called “apoptosis” which produces a slow elimination by the organism of their contents without altering in a way significative the blood level of lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides…). The skin coating adapts without difficulty to the morphological changes generated.

Which areas can be treated by the cryolipolysis?

This treatment mainly concerns non-overweight patients who have one or more localized fatty areas most often resistant to dieting efforts. These areas are for example “love handles” or belly fat, arms, back folds, inner thighs, buttocks and neck.

For cryolipolysis treatment to be effective, the skin must be of good quality and the fat deposit well defined, that is, it can be easily taken by pinching it with your fingers.

How is the Cryolipolysis treatment performed at Dr. Guzman’s?

After discussing with you your desires and needs, I will examine you. A review of your state of health will allow me to evaluate the possibility of doing the treatment, any contraindications (known hypersensitivity to cold, pregnant woman or breastfeeding).

I will advise you which are the places where the treatment by cryolipolysis will produce the most interesting results to get rid of the unwanted fat deposits.

With your consent photos will be taken to be able to evaluate the result.

You will be comfortably seated on an armchair, depending on the area to be treated, a protective gel will be applied to the skin and then position the appropriate “handpiece”.

Once turned on, a suction cup effect will initially be felt, the fat deposit is sucked without pain and a controlled cooling begins to occur.

On average between 1 hour and 1 H is necessary for the action of cryolipolysis to be effective on fat deposits under treatment.

What care should be taken after a cryolipolysis treatment at Dr. Guzman’s?

Immediately after the session, you can still feel for a few minutes that the treated areas are asleep or numb by the effect of the cold on the skin.

Small redness can be present by the suction effect of the “handpiece” on the skin.

It is recommended to make massages on the area twice a day.

A focused ultrasound session and lymphatic drainage by Ultracontour ™ are organized to help the treated areas eliminate the targeted fat cells.

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