The purpose of the peeling techniques is to smooth the skin surface by the application of acid fruits derived products to stimulate the skin’s own regeneration properties to erase superficial skin blemishes such as wrinkles and fine lines, uneven colour / hyper-pigmentation marks and skin irregularities.

The peelings use plant or chemical substances which depending on the potency of their active product,  concentration or duration of application will destroy the superficial layer of the skin, i.e. all or part of the epidermis and can go up to the superficial dermis, according to the purpose needed.

What is the principle of treatment with peelings?

Depending on the desired goal on the skin, the peelings can be light and superficial: the concentration of the fruit acids is low and enough to get a radiant skin, improved and to preserve its freshness.

On the other hand, if the desired effect is to make a deep renewal of the skin the medium and deep peelings are indicated. They realize a real abrasion that can destroy the superficial layers of the skin: epidermis and the superficial part of the dermis. The controlled chemical burn followed by your surgeon results in correcting and treating superficial wrinkles and fine lines, shallow acne scars, deep pigment marks and overall to rejuvenate the skin by a cellular renewal effect.

During the restoration period of the skin after a peeling, there will be a certain skin retraction giving a true “tensor” skin effect, varying from more or less important depending on the case.

How is the peeling treatment performed with Dr. Guzman?

After discussing with you, your desires and needs, I will examine you. An assessment of your state of health and especially the condition of your skin will allow me to evaluate the possibility of doing the treatment.

In some cases, a skin preparation will be necessary, the pre-peeling treatment serves to desensitize and to prepare the skin to make the application of peeling more effective.

With your consent photos will be taken to be able to evaluate the result.

On the day of treatment your skin will be cleaned with a specific product, the skin is rinsed and dried.

The solution based on fruit acids is applied, one to several passages are made according to the depth of the peeling and the desired effect.

During the application of the peeling a hot sensation are usually normal.

The post-peeling cream is applied to the entire treated area. The cream should be kept 8 hours on the skin as part of the treatment.

  • Before-Vieillissement solaire
    After-Vieillissement solaire
    AvantVieillissement solaireAprès
  • Before-Cicatrices d'acné
    After-Cicatrices d'acné
    AvantCicatrices d'acnéAprès
  • Before-Taches peau mate
    After-Taches peau mate
    AvantTaches peau mateAprès

What care should be taken after a peeling treatment with Dr. Guzman’s?

Immediately after and depending on the peeling strength, slight swelling and discrete redness will be present after the first hours of treatment and fade during the first 24 hours.

According to a post-peeling protocol, suitable creams will be prescribed. The purpose of these creams is to protect the skin and to continue to improve the regenerating process of the skin.

A follow-up appointment between 15 days to a month is organized to evaluate with you the results.

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