Ultrasound is widely used in medicine in different fields. Ultrasounds have thermal (hyperthermia) and mechanical (vibration induction) effects. HIFU (highly focused ultrasounds) have been approved for medical use at the global level.
The Ultracontour ™ consists of a double therapy in which the thermal and mechanical qualities of the ultrasound are used to result in the non-invasive (without surgery) reshaping and toning of the body where the diet and exercise only were not enough.
The Ultracontour ™ generates high-level acoustic waves with amplitudes adapted to target fat cells producing their lysis (cell death) due to its thermal effect. Sequential ultrasounds are also generated (mechanical effect) to improve the drainage of tissues to the body’s lymphatic vessels. Adjacent tissue and blood tests levels of lipids or liver function after treatment are respected.
Ultracontour ™ is a quick and painless way to achieve a better body shape and get a firm skin. This is a very effective treatment on male patients. Please note that the Ultracontour ™ is not designed for weight reduction.
Ultracontour ™ Ultrasonic Lymphatic drainage is an advanced treatment also used by Dr. Guzman to improve post-liposuction surgical initial side-effects. Indeed, after a liposuction oedemas or swellings are present, the ultrasonic drainage helps their lymphatic removal, accelerating recovery.

For Who ?

For people with a normal weight or a little overweight, who want to get better shape, to treat unwanted fat deposits without surgery or to accelerate post-surgical recovery from a liposuction.

Which areas can be treated ?

The treatment with Ultracontour ™ can be used throughout the body, the best areas that can be treated are the abdomen, flanks, legs and arms.

How is the Ultracontour ™ treatment performed with Dr. Guzman?

After discussing with you your desires and needs, I will examine you. A review of your state of health will allow me to evaluate the possibility of doing the treatment, possible contraindications (persons with implants type pacemaker, pregnant woman or breastfeeding).
I will advise you where the treatment with Ultracontour ™ will produce the most interesting results in order to get rid of unwanted fatty deposits.
With your consent photos will be taken to be able to evaluate the result.
You will laying down comfortably on a bed, depending on the area to be treated, a protective gel will be applied to the skin and then using a “Handpiece” adapted to target the tissues with the focused ultrasound. The machine emits beeps that guide your practitioner during treatment. This phase lasts an average of 20 to 30 minutes.
Immediately after, the phase of lymphatic drainage by ultrasound is triggered to optimize the results by helping your body to eliminate the fat destroyed by its natural pathways.
Indeed, the ultrasonic energy with lymphatic drainage increases the lymphatic and blood circulation.

What kind of results can be obtained ?

The results vary and depend on several conditions. They are probably very positive. The body, skin quality, type of food intake and lifestyle of each person are unique and introduce variables that produce different results.

The results are visible from the first session, one month later, between 1.5 to 3 cm in circumference on average are reduced by treatment. The best results are obtained after a protocol of 2-4 sessions.

In addition, with appropriate care, balanced diet and regular exercise, the effects of Ultracontour ™ will be sustainable over time.

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