All surgical and non surgical treatments

Facial surgery

Dr. Adriana Guzman practices both surgical and non-surgical treatments to correct wrinkles and fine lines, the oval of the face, the eyelids, dark circles, loose ears …

Body surgery

Dr. Adriana Guzman carries out personalized treatments, making sure to select the techniques that best meet your needs, your skin type and the expected results ..

Médecine esthétique, Dr Guzman, chirurgie esthétique à Paris 7

For the men

Women are not the only ones questioning their physics. Men also look for specific treatments, such as torso remodeling, love handles .


All techniques in aesthetic medicine: hyaluronic acid injections, botox injection, peeling, son tensors, cryolipolysis, mesotherapy, ultrasound Ultracontours ..

I would like to WELCOME you to my practice exclusively dedicated to the surgical and non-surgical aesthetic medical options to enhance and improve your image.

You will find information about the procedures I practised, proven for their efficiency and stability, without compromising your safety.


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SCCP, accerditation professionnelle, dr Guzman, chirurgien palsticien à Paris 7

ISAPS, accréditation professionnelle du dr Guzman, chirurgien plasticien à Paris 7

GRIRG, accreditation professionnelle, dr Guzman, chirurgien plasticien à Paris 7

Le dr Guzman est membre du Membre du Collège Français de chirurgie plastique reconstructrice et esthétique (CFCPRE)