Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020

2020 is here! Dr Adriana Guzman and Bosquet Medical Centre team wish you all the best and wish you a very happy year full of health, happiness and joie of life.

Every start of the year brings us a breath of new air full of energy and above all full of good resolutions.

Taking care of yourself to live well and healthy is a wish that most people want to reach. To continue on this path, the benefits of medicine in general are undeniable with its advances to fight against aging and specially to regenerate our body.

Your own fat cells have become the new “yellow gold” not only because of its volumetric properties but also by acting as stem cells that improve and regenerate the tissues where they integrate.

This is how autologous fat transfer, Nanofat or lipo-modeling  is the election technique to improve under eyes dark circles, give a boost to a tired face, improve décolleté area, rejuvenate the hands and especially to reshape and give volume in a natural way to a breast that has lost its volume or to shape the buttocks.

Intimate woman health is highlighted in the news, with the hormonal changes due to menopause and its inconveniences such as intimate dryness, painful sexual intercourse , uncomfortable burning sensations, all this tends to become a situation of the past, because intimate regenerative medicine by nanofat its going to improve the quality of tissues and especially lost functions.

2020 is already off to a good start with treatments that will accompany you in your wellness process, increasing your confidence and self-esteem!

To view our full range of treatments, you can refer to www.dradrianaguzman.com and www.chirurgie-esthetique-intime.com

Do not hesitate to contact my assistant Miss Elise Cathalan, on Monday and Thursday afternoons, she will listen to you and work in coordination with you by providing you with additional information and she will guide you in the different practical approaches needed in the care offered.

We are pleased to continue to provide you with high quality medical care with a caring and human spirit. Don’t hesitate to share your suggestions, we will do our best to improve our service,

Yours faithfully,


Docteur Adriana GUZMAN