Lovely for Mother’s Day!

Lovely for Mother’s Day!

De la médecine esthétique à paris pour la fête des mères - Dr Guzman

On Mother’s Day, tell them how beautiful they are! with personalize and tailor-made treatments!

Mom think on treat yourself with cosmetic medicine options to beautify you!

Combination of treatments: radiant and hydrated skin with gentle peelings and rejuvenation with intense pulsed light+ hyaluronic acid on the lips + Botox to relax your face:

Mother ‘s day is a happy moment to say how you care for the love-ones: Mom, grandmother, stepmother!!!!A wonderful moment awaits you certainly!

To be at your best, aesthetic medicine offers you treatments to showcase your face, your lips and your gaze.


Glamourous MOM

Médecine esthétique à Paris - Maman glamour - Dr Guzman

Define and give glamour to your lips with hyaluronic acid

Well-defined and plum lips bring generosity to the face. Beautify your lips is a must. The addition of hyaluronic acid injections will allow to work the shape and volume of the lips to rejuvenate and/or beautify them.

The results are immediate, but it is better to organize de “D” day, 3 days before to benefit from optimum results. Indeed, the area of the lips being very delicate, it is possible to have a slight swelling.

Hyaluronic acid injections will allow natural and lasting results: on average 12 months.


Enhace the eyes and soothing the face with Botox injections

Over time, the thin skin of the upper face is less elastic. The wrinkles that were once visible during the expressions become permanent and thus present even at rest. It is nice to hear that they bring charm, in reality we would prefer not to see them.

Botox is the flagship molecule to relax the top of the face, remove fatigue and “open the eyes” by a browlift effect. Used at reasonable doses and adapted to your needs, Botox injections allow very natural results. You will keep your natural expressions when smiling, astonishment, anger.

Beware of your agenda, the effects of BOTOX are not immediate. On average 4-5 days of waiting before seeing the effect.

To keep the results, the treatment will be renewed every 5 to 6 months.

Natural  MOM

Médecine esthétique à Paris - Maman nature- Dr Guzman

Radiant and moisturized skin with gentle peelings and rejuvenation with intense pulsed light

Finding beautiful skin softening superficial skin imperfections such as wrinkles and fine lines, brown spots or blemishes by smoothing the surface of the skin are the aim of rejuvenation techniques such as peeling and intense pulsed light.

Peelings use plant or chemical substances and according to the desired purpose on the skin, peels can be light and superficial: the concentration of fruit acids can be low enough to improve the brightness of the skin and keep it fresh.

The intense pulsed light targets either the color of the skin spots, or the superficial vessels at the base of the nose or redness of the skin by correcting them, when water is the target, restoration of the skin surface is obtained creating a smoother and firm appearance.

A before session care protocol is desirable to prepare the skin and make the treatments more effective, a care routine after will help maintain the results in a sustainable way.


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